Benefits of Annual Checkups

When it comes to visiting your doctor, it’s important that you’re not only visiting when you don’t feel great. When you visit your doctor for an annual checkup, you’re reducing your risk of a severe illness and it makes it easier to spot and treat conditions that could be harder to manage in later stages. Dr. Paul Keinarth and Dr. Kelly Alberda of Margolin, Keinarth & Alberda Family Health Center in Austin, TX, can explain how visiting for annual checkups can keep you healthy and benefit your life.

The Benefits of Annual Checkups

When you wait to see your doctor when you’re feeling sick, it can be harder to manage certain conditions and it can be difficult in general to visit your doctor when you aren’t feeling well. When you see your doctor in Austin, TX, for annual checkups, you reduce your risk of developing certain sicknesses and you’re able to manage conditions more easily.

Preventative healthcare is one of the best ways to ensure that you stay healthy for as long as possible and you’re able to participate in your favorite activities. You’ll also be able to use your annual checkups as a space to raise any concerns you may have and ask questions about your healthcare. This way, certain issues will be able to be identified before they become more serious and harder to deal with.

Annual checkups also give you a space to manage chronic conditions that you might be dealing with. It always feels more comfortable when you know that you have an upcoming appointment to ask any questions you might have about your current medications or treatment plans.

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Don’t underestimate how annual checkups could help you! Contact Dr. Paul Keinarth and Dr. Kelly Alberda of Margolin, Keinarth & Alberda Family Health Center in Austin, TX, to learn more about annual checkups and how they’re important to your health. Call for more information and to schedule your next checkup at (512) 459-9889.

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