What To Expect During Your Annual Checkup

Annual checkups are a great way to stay in contact with family medicine doctors in Austin, TX, who will evaluate your current health status. At Family Health Center in Austin, TX, Dr. Kelly Alberda, and Dr. Paul Keinharth work with patients to provide annual checkups, emergency care, and routine health visits to ensure that you get the healthcare you deserve. Annual checkups are your chance to set a baseline for any new symptoms, talk to your provider about any concerns, and a way for you to continue building a relationship with your primary care provider.

What to Expect at Your Annual Checkup

Family medicine doctors will go over your health record with you to determine if your current prescriptions are correct. They will discuss the past year, and see if you have any new concerns since your last appointment. You will have your blood pressure, temperature, weight, and pulse taken. Your doctor may order blood work to check for signs of disease, or recommend a specialist if you have health concerns they are not able to treat. Depending on your age and gender, you may need specific tests done for screening purposes during your annual checkup.

Preparing For Your Annual Checkup

It is useful to you and your treatment provider if you take the time to think about what you want to discuss when it comes to your overall health. You can make a list of your concerns, and anything you would like to address with your provider. You might want to talk about lifestyle changes to get healthier or be worried about a new skin rash. Write down your list so that you can refer to it during your appointment. When you participate in your own healthcare proactively, you may be able to catch certain diseases early. Annual checkups are an excellent way to get the care you need on a routine basis.

Call For Your Annual Checkup Today

It is important to schedule annual checkups with your primary care provider to stay connected regarding your overall health. Call Family Health Center in Austin, TX at (512) 459-9889, and set up your annual exam if you haven't had one in more than 12 months. When you work closely with your primary care physician, you will feel comfortable discussing any health concerns that may come up. It is also beneficial to your overall health to develop a good relationship with your primary care provider.

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