Signs and Symptoms of Acute Diseases

Acute diseases can develop suddenly, causing unpleasant, painful symptoms. They typically last for a short amount of time. This is different from chronic diseases, which develop gradually and can persist for months on end. Our Austin, TX, family medicine doctors, Dr. Paul Keinarth and Dr. Kelly Alberda of Family Health Center can help if you are suffering from an acute disease.

There are many acute illnesses and diseases, and there are many causes. Acute illnesses and diseases can be caused by exposure to a virus, bacterial infection, fungal infection, allergy, and more. The symptoms of acute diseases depend on the specific illness but typically include fever, pain, and inflammation. For instance, if you have the flu, you may experience fever, body aches, coughing, congestion, headache, and fatigue. If you have strep throat, you may experience throat pain, difficulty swallowing, and swollen glands, other acute illnesses may cause nausea vomiting, and diarrhea.

The following are just a few of the most common acute illnesses and diseases and their treatments:

A cold or the flu, both of which are caused by exposure to a virus- You can help prevent catching the flu by getting your flu vaccine every year. If you get a cold or the flu, your doctor can prescribe medication to help limit your symptoms and the severity of your illness. Medications may include antivirals, antihistamines, and decongestants.

An infection of the ears, eyes, nose, throat, or sinuses, which are all caused by exposure to bacteria- Your doctor will order lab testing to identify the bacteria causing your infection. Antibiotic medication will be prescribed to kill the bacteria causing the infection. Palliative treatments may be recommended to help you feel better.

Stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea can be caused by a wide variety of factors including diet or exposure to bacteria- Our doctor may order lab testing to determine the presence of bacteria. Antibiotics or other medications may be prescribed to help you feel better.

Our Austin, TX, family medicine doctors are experts at the diagnosis and treatment of acute diseases and can help you feel better faster. However, there are symptoms that require emergency treatment. You should call emergency services if you experience:

  • Chest pain, which could indicate heart problems
  • Chest pain that radiates into your arm or neck, which could indicate a heart attack
  • Difficulty breathing or shallow breathing, which could indicate an asthma attack
  • Chronic, deep coughing, which could indicate bronchitis or pneumonia
  • Sudden, sharp abdominal pain which could indicate appendicitis

For more information about signs and symptoms of acute diseases, contact Dr. Paul Keinarth and Dr. Kelly Alberda of Family Health Center. Your Austin, TX, family medicine doctors can be reached at (512) 459-9889. Call to book an appointment. and feel better today.

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